Please do not change things in Wotlk

Hello Everyone,
Hello Blizzard Team,

i heard about some rumors and idears off you like:

  • nerfing engineering
  • blocking that you can change to your dual spec inside a raid
  • removing the dungeon broser

and i want to give you my opinion about every singel one.
Little Info about me:
I am playing wow since 10 or 12 years now. On retail and on private Server (mostly wotlk).
I´m playing every single class and spec in PvE and PvP and have beside that guildleading expirience. So PLEASE here me out!

We all love wotlk and this is why we started with the Classic WoW Series to get our chars rdy for the expansion. Even wenn not all players will give this Feedback, couse there are lasy and not active in the forum, but i would say that 80-90% of all players can Confirm the things i´ll mention.

  1. Nerfing engineering
    Engineering ist the interesting profession in wotlk beside its glove speed entchant and the nitobooster. There are many more usefull Items for the openworld . To have this proffession ist just amazing and fun. But any other proffessions have they own bonys witch are good as well depending on wath your focus is on.
    So please do not nerf it! It is a huge downgrade for the players how love Wotlk having nerfes on this proffession.

  2. Blocking that you can´ change to your dual specc inside a raid
    In almost any raid encounter there are bosses you may want to change your setup a little. And lest be onest beeing the one witch is wayting all raid long just to get insinde the raid to kill one boss and then having to quit again ist horrible. Or playing the raid completly with (for exaple) 6heals even if you need just 5 just becouse 1 Boss is as pedressing for every damager class and also for the heals. Some examples here:
    DK Tank: You will be playing Blood/Frost support skilled but with this you are absolutly useless in aoe thred. For that problem some will have a Unholy tank spec in witch you will be able to switch wenn it comes to pulling big groups.
    ICC: Dreamwalker and Sindragosa are bosses were you dont want to go in with 5 heals so you will have a druid or paladin with a healing specc to switch there. Same with anub you´ll need a third tank so someone just switches the specc and you ready to go.
    so please do not change that

  3. removing the dungeon broser
    I think this is the worst idea of all. I can not understand in witch way this will be better for the community. you will have tousneds of posts per second in the lfg channels were everyone will be spaming. And there is no community aspect behind looking for a dungen group, being inside the dungeon is an aspec witch creats the community betwen payers. And ater all we are all geting older no one want to fly 1h per day in the openworld to reatch the dungeons becouse he wants to grind those. This featcher was an exraordinant improvement for the game so pleas let it be.

After all as mentioned befor Wotlk is the most loved expansion becouse it was wath it was so PLEASE do not change ANYTHING in this almost perfect game!!!

Best regards and LG

Ps: dont mind my spelling english is not my main language

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I cant do more agree, please do not change LFG, we want LK like 2008, please