Plz help with Warzone!

I already tryied everything in the internet, updated my drivers, and then i downgraded the same drivers to january…I changed my security configurantions, updated my windows, direct X, C ++. I really don´t know what to do…I sended a formulary to activision, they have it on theyr site, its about the crashes, but still no answer.

My game crash after 5 or 7 minutes, dont matter the screen, option, start, in the training.

This sucs so much.


I have the same problem nearly every day…
sometimes it works for a few hours without any freez or dc or crash and then on the next day i just have the sme problem again… i tried also everything what could help but nothing work… i hope someone gonna fix this problem.

I CANT even go into game it crashes everytime , says check readme…no solution there …only game that doesnt work on my PC!!!