Poor quality maps


I honestly never thought I would play anything from the COD series for more than a day or two. But I have been enjoying this game.

Mainly the zombie modes, but also, to a lesser extent, multiplayer. Mainly because my friends son shows me how he uses his xbox to cheat, which put me off early on for this generation. I have tried previous versions but I found them dated at the time.

I usually like a more realistic approach. This always seemed like a TF2 sort of game to me. Pretty random and too cartoonish. I always had the impression it was mainly populated by cheats. (Youtube etc). It is bad, but no where near as bad as I thought at all. Not on the same level as EA by far. So that’s good.

I like the character progession, the weapon customisation and levelling and so on. All good things. I enjoy tinkering with my build and weapons.

Then it comes to the maps. There are a few ok ones. But the biggest problem with this game is the terribly small maps. They are a joke. It feels like 1999. Even the new maps are stagggeringly small and make the game entirely random. It isnt fun when you do not matter. Maps like ICBM are ridiculous. But there is not one map of any scale in this entire game. It is like a game from another era at this point. Please use the platform to make a more current game. With some real estate, tactical options and strategic possibility. Not just random luck or whoever doesnt care or got bored enough to have a hack installed.

I understand it is meant to be cartoonish. But I would really like to see maps that are not just shoddy and ill thought out. The new rush map is good as far as this game goes in my opinion and suits the mode. I like the new zombie map too. But they are so ridiculously small and limited. (less so the zombie maps as they suck less than regular maps by far).

Please make some maps that are not so small that they look like a remake of a 1990s game please. This game would be lifted up by that and would not feel so small. The maps are the biggest weakness of this game.