Problem logging in? Here is the solution?

At least for current WoW. Log in, then go offline mode. Start wow (or any other game?). Type in your account and password. Voila. May fail the first few times, but worked for me.


Most people are not even able to get into the app.

They should build a statue for you, you are my new hero.

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Worked with OW. thank you!

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That actually worked. WTF

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you mean set battlenet to appear offline?

This didnt work, tried it 5 or so times, sends straight into a queue

Yes. This should work :slight_smile:

TerrorTrip. you can’t bypass the queue. But the solution does work when you have problems when the queue ends and you get disconnected every time. It BTW can take a few minutes after you logged in for your characters to show up. Don’t log out they will show up eventually…