Quel'serrar bugg exist did vanish

Yeah did accidently klick the unforged sword Quel’serrar and it did VANISH from my bag… How do I get it back? “go to diremaul and retake it some one will say” well did that and guess what game says “you have already completed that quest” I need help from a GM to reset it so I can really remake it. OR even better give players the ability to fix this themselves to reset it so it is possible to redo it! so annoying I will not get my tanking sword I did work hard do get the q item for… sighs. more useful admin rights for players is wanted. I could get help in retail with these kind of problems from GM. They did help gladly and nowdays in wow classic era it is like “f you if you fail, blizzard does not restore q items” huh! THANKS :frowning: < not frowning smiley, it is a SAD face. Edit: so PART: 1 is done but after that sword vanished can’t proceed to do part 2!! that is what is argh so annoying.

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If you need help you need to write an in-game ticket. There’s no difference between retail and classic. However, I take it that you already did this and got a response? If they said they can’t help you in restoring quest items then you’ll probably just have to accept this…