Quitting D4 for what it's worth!

Here we are. I genuinely wanted to like D4 and dumped 300+ hours into the last seasons. Obviously, if you do not enjoy a game there is no way you put in these hours. Still i leave the game with a very bitter taste which is frustrating enough for me to write down these words. D4 feels great as long as you don’t touch endgame. Once you mid-max gear, grind out uniques etc. things go downhill very fast. You find yourself wasting hours trying to organize relevant aspects and rares in the few stash tabs you have, desperately trying to avoid breaking down those you will need in case you decide to switch your playstyle. Guess what happens every single time you decide to actually try something new!! No matter how many maxroll aspects and rares you have in your stash; you will always miss a vital aspect or unique for the new build to function. Congrats!! You just wasted 2 hours trying to switch up things ending up sticking to what you had in the first place. The hopeless grind for uber uniques is just the same. An average player will never see an uber, let alone the uber he wants/needs. During your Duriel runs you will see 10 Unique Helm drops just for you to discover that 8 of those are Godslayer crowns. Very sad but as time progresses D4 turns more into an abbusive relationship more than anything else, where you are putting in more and more effort/time, just to see everthing you did slips away before your very eyes. Therefore I decide to cut this relationship here with no plans to come back ever again. Cheers Blizzard hope this feedback helps!!

wait till you find out that no one on the D4 Team will read your words… because you put them on the wrong forum.

This forum is for feedback on the Battle.Net Desktop App – aka, the Launcher.

D4 has its own forums… and that’s where you should have posted that.