Ragequit Resurrected

I’m an old time D2 fan. Quit playing when lv96 HC sorc died to massive lag in NM cow lvl some 15 years ago, restarted playing a few years ago, offline and TCP/IP… still only in HC, I don’t find any fun in SC, but that’s just me.

Last 2 weeks’ experience is that I may ragequit again thanks to D2R. We got shared stash, hoo-ray, we got eyecandy, alright, we got small, impossible to hit “save and exit” button while battle.net is still as laggy as 20 years ago, and you can’t even have lagless fun with friends even if you stay in the same room. Well… I don’t know.

Oh, by the way, battle.net is unreachable at the moment, but the game is optimist enough to suggest that I should check my internet connection, lol.