Random freezes in menu

freezes when changing menu
slowdowns only affecting SC2
in game it seems to be fine

Other games like League of Legends, Age of Empires 2 the remake from 2018 i think or World of Warcraft don’t appear to have any problems.
the furmark score is about 7000 points on the 1080p preset with pretty much exactly 120fps average. Which seems to be in line with the upper end of the expected values for a stock clocked Vega 56 card.

I assume the problems to lie with I/O operations on mass storage. But ican only guess a SC2 seems to be to only problem child so far. Maybe i can send you logs generated from the game? WHich ones would be helpful?

If anything about my Dxdiag or msinfo seems off:
It’s probably because it is.
It’s a virtual machine. Using VFIO to pass through a GPU (the aforementioned Vega 56, the host system exclusively uses a RTX2070 which would be much harder to pass though).
The host CPU actually is early gen Threadripper. And i assigned half of its cores (4 and 8 threads) to the guest.

Copied form ticket i can’t submit and i am not going to post those files publicly. They are just too big for me to check if they expose sensitive info.