[Request] Windows 7 support for Diablo 2 Resurrected

Being unable to launch D2R during closed beta, would like to request support for Windows 7 PCs.

Why? Because win7 is overall better and many people prefer not to downgrade to win10 nowadays until microsoft will release a stable windows version without bugs.

Even microsoft confessed (before they announced end of official support for win7) that 20% of users were still using win7.

Please join me in this topic if you would like to request the same support for your beloved OS.


Windows 7 support ended over a year and a half ago. Stop being stubborn and UPgrade to W10 already. It’s become way better since release.

You’re only opening yourself to hackers and other malicious software because w7 doesn’t get security updates anymore.

No developer is going to support windows 7 anymore.

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It was a beloved OS in its time no doubt about that. But Dbfan4life is absolutely correct. Nowadays it’s just a - sorry - stupid decision to stick to an obsolete system that has not been properly maintained for years. You might as well replace your front door with a sign “no entry”. It’s just not a smart move.

So in my opinion it’s absolutely viable that blizzard doesn’t enourage players to use outdated systems with a bunch of security risks. W10 has gotten so much better over the years there’s almost no reason anymore to not prefer it over W7 apart from very rare offline(!) use cases. You can make it LOOK like W7 though with very little effort if that’s your disconcern.

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thanks for the awesome information.