Right click mouse issue

Hey guys, I see alot of similar threads on US WOW forums, but not here… So I wanted to ask - if anyone had an issue when “right mouse click” does not rotate camera with your character, and holding down “left+right mouse click” would not let you character run forward? “Am I alone here?” with this issue? Left click rotates the camera as usual, but right click would not allow me to do the same. It makes the game literally impossible to play. If any1 have this as well and stopped playing after this - please respond!

I’m going to guess that this is about World of Warcraft

You can find their forums here

You can check your settings in game to change the behaviour of your mouse. In game hit ESC and under Controls you’ll find a section for you mouse.

You can also check the keybindings section to see what you’ve assigned to what buttons.


Got this right click issue a lot since 11.1.7 and 11.2 . Very annoying , especially when doing races dragonflying