Rock n Roll Racing definitive edition: no save option


I just got the Blizzard Arcade Classics bundel on my PS5.
It’s really nice to play Rock n Roll racing again!

The definitive edition is really great, nice cd music and effects and everything. Just one big issue with it: you can’t save! The Snes and Sega Megadrive versions include save states, but the upgraded definitive edition does not :frowning:

How is this possible? Do I really need to start writing down those passwords again? Yes, it’s nice for nostalgia but come on, it’s 2021 :slight_smile:


I have the same issue. How can I save my progress?

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Yes. Feels like an oversight especially when saves are in every other version.

We had savegames on the GBA.

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No save and no Black Sabbath ….
In a future update maybe ?

Hi, rock n roll racing doesn’t have a save option. The game, since the original, gives you a lengthy password that you need to write down to input each time you want to play again with your progress. The password is on the F/X menu. Remember your password.

even the original version got a save option in this. the snes aswell as the sega version. only the definitive edition got non.

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I didn’t know about it so how to recover it? I played half game now i must start again?! It’s stupid in 2023