Russian segregation policy from Blizzard

Recently, players from Russia and Belarus have lost the ability to pay for games and a subscription to Battlenet. I don’t understand why Blizzard approved this policy. 140 million people live in Russia. And not all of them approve of Putin’s policies. Does Blizzard really believe that the segregation of Russians and Belarusians, as well as their stigmatization, is the norm. The “policy of abolition” of everything Russian is a primitive discrimination of Russians on a national basis, which cannot be justified by anything. Blizzard is a company from a country that prides itself on being a democracy, but now Russians and Belarusians feel humiliated.


The main thing is they somehow get through to even eu servers with a vpn or so. Officialy full Russian servers are not allowed i know, but they still coming over the wall to normal speaking servers.


Haha mate nice try, nobody ever will recognize your midget leader or you as a nation, you are not even third, you are a fourth world country now, with no any rights. You are so scared of that dictatory system ruling and even can’t say a word.


@Blizzard, that is a very small step from you due to the WAR that rus started.

I do understand that it is your revenue and other stuff, but when you are still letting rus play your games, and moreover you have support in rus and localization in rus it means that you paying taxes for them, and in the end, they buy a ROCKET which can fly 5k km and kill Ukraine citizens. Is that your mission? Is that your company values?

EDW74A - it is ONLY my last replay when rus will say something about someone’s mother for no REASON. Is this your company’s value in building such a community or should it be isolated?

I think they deserve to have another sever where only rus community play, and talk sh** like they always do.


Sad to hear bro.
Blizzard taking stance with the Nazzi Kabal Azov bataljon.
And the sleeping ppl in the west think the war started in Februari and that Rus started it.
Hope they open up asap for you Rus and Bel.
Long live Putin <3


the answer is simple

blizzard activision is american company with sanctions against russia from its goverment.

blizzard itself has to abide the law.

I suggest you voluneer to find work arounds or work and play esports russian friendly developer (chinese esports) till things get back to what ever the percevied new normal after the special operation or war or annex or what ever is disrupting the ow russian player base.


In this regard Blizzard do everything right. According to your country data, at least 72% of citizens approve putin’s fascist politics.
Or do you mean to say that your government is lying?
Нравится не нравится, терпи моя красавица)))