Same faction pvp

So you are adding same faction bg’s so why not add duel spec this will add pvp specs and also allow more healers and tanks, theres no argument now well this was not in the original tbc because you have destroyed it.


How can letting horde’s pvp be destroying the game ?
in Classic we had 20-30 min que’s, that was ok, but now we have 1 hour if not more, something has to be done to fix this, and this is a good way to do it

this post is only to get update my character on logs

hello Azuum [expletive*], dont worry nobody expect a [expletive*] (or [expletive*] for that matter) to understand.

I will explain to you why it matters

Before [expletive*] did this change the only reason to pick alliance was:

  • bg queues

now the reasons to pick alliance over horde are:

and reasons to pick horde over alliance:

  • Higher population & area control :white_check_mark:
  • better auction house
  • easy to find groups
  • better racials in both pvp and pve
  • better players due to those racials being appealing to minmaxers
  • higher bg win rates
  • favorable bg maps

does that help your tiny little retarded peanut brain understand? :slight_smile:

[expletive*] more or less said to the alliance with this change that the faction balance is not an issue and nothing something they will be looking at and they have no problem making it worse. Does your little retarded peanut brain understand that? does [expletive*] even understand what they did? I dont think so - they’ve only done it once before, lmao.

[expletive*] the alliance!

*[Post edited by Blizzard. While feedback is appretiated, and welcome, it is not acceptable to call people names or use derogatory terms. Thank you.]

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