Shadow Ban Request Support

Hi there,its day 3 since i cannot find any games in Modern Warfare under 350ms ping.I have googled this and redirected me to activision forums and there people say its a shadow ban (my account might be under investigation for a lot of in game reports) and as a consequence im in a black list untill they review my games i guess.I play cod since mw2 and always played one specific game mode,that is hardcore search and destroy,im not the usual casual gamer and i get it that people sometimes think i cheat but i dont,i never had and neither used any sorts of macros or whatever.Im 100% legit ranked top 0% in this specific game mode.With this being told i have contacted activision on twitter,sent tickets also contacted blizzard support but i didnt get any replay.My question is how much do i have to wait till someone can review and see that i never used any sort of cheats and i can finally be able to play again ? I paid for the game and cod points and not being able to play because i do better than the average its not ok.CAN SOMEONE FROM SUPPORT LOOK INTO THIS PLEASE ?

Edit : i also tried the check and repair option thinking its something wrong with the game files.I wish i never did that,i was stuck in a loop of infinite updates saying something went wrong and as a alternative after reinstalling the app without any success now im reinstalling the game.This is just ridiculous,i have no more words for how bad of experience im having right now !