Shard Labor Achievement

Greetings WoW Support Team,

I recently (Monday or Tuesday) did the “Shard Labor” Achievement in Retail WoW.
The achievement stopped the count at 49/50 shards collected, I already opened a ticket for the Achievement category, but got revised to post this in the bug report section.
I checked the AV progress via QuestID macro and the “missing” shard is reported to be #18, I checked the spot on multiple toons, with no avail.
Others have reported the same issue on wowhead, the official forums and icy-veins, with the only solution being to contact support.
Thank you in advance for any help,

Best regards,
Reyzid/Kyooma EU-Azshara


This forum is for Classic (as in legacy) Games, such as Diablo II (2000).

For WoW Retail, the Bug Report forum is located here:

Good luck with this.