Sms/otp code not received

Its been almost 2 months and we pakistanis are unable to receive sms codes that are either already verified or on the new account, is there a reason behind this, or someone looking into the bug because it seems like we have wasted 70eur on this game


This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Legacy Games – old games such as Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and the games in the Blizzard Arcade Collection.

You’ve already posted in the Desktop App Bug Report forum… here:

In addition to the topic you posted in, there is another one in the Desktop App Tech Support forum… here:

Finally, there is a topic in the Feedback Discussion forum here:

Is Blizzard looking into it ? They said they were 2 months ago and that they would provide updates when available…

There is also a long topic (in French) with several replies from Blizzard… here:

At this time, I would suggest that you contact Blizzard Support directly with a ticket…

Good luck with this.