SOD - Please, lower the mana cost of druid forms

Dear Blizzard,

I would like to appreciate a great job u did with the SoD. I am having so much fun and P2 pvp event is such a great and decent implemented idea.

I would have just one suggestion, that would fix mechanic, which is kinda lowering the amount of fun I have in the game. Could u add some spell book, that is lowering cost of druid form for example for 30 or 50%? Druid was always about reforming and some sort of versatile gameplay. Unfortunately the cost of druid form is so high and feral is forced to be stacked in one form forever. 2 reforms and he is oom. Its really lowering the experience same as its viability especially in PVP where is so easy to kite it. This change wouldnt make feral OP and wouldnt disturb game itself, it would just increased amount of fun for those who play feral druid and would make it playable in PVP and i feel that is exactly what is blizzard trying for - make every spec viable in both PVP and PVE.

Ty for ur time.





If you want the SoD team to see your comment, you need to use the SoD forum or use the in-game menus to provide a feedback… not post here.

The forum here is for feedback on the Battle.Net Desktop App – aka, the Launcher.

Best of luck in your games !