SoD2? What About "Season of Exploring"

Hi, i just watched a interview on youtube and blizzard kinda confirmed a SoD 2. So i want to give my thoughts on what i wish for in a new version of SoD

Topic 1: Leveling
So the majoity of the playerbase gonna level with the best way possible and then complain on how borring this is. With that said there is two way to do this imo. 1 do nothing and let the players play the game they ”want” wich whould make more or les everyone spam the dungeont hat gives best xp per hour. But i have a idea wich whould MAKE the players level in a way most of them says is more fun AND it whould giv eus more endgame content. Buff up all dungeons to the end game content, lets say the endgame is at level 25 than we make WC,DM and SFK some kind of level 25 dungeon and if this whould happen we need more and better loot from em lets say every spec has 1 bis item from each. Turn down stockeds to a RFC type of dungeon and make the xp from both of them be pritty bad, just enough so its worth go in there to do the quests but nothing more than that. This whould make players level by questing wich most o fem claim to be the most fun way. Me personally hate questing but i do belive this is healthy for the game

Topic 2: Talents, spells and runes
Me and probebly everyone else loooooves the rune system. But since this is a expermental server i whould love to se blizard try this idea i have wich whould give them more room to try more things. Almost noone who plays SoD is new to WoW so players do not need 10 levels to learn the game before they get the first talent point. So my idea whould be simple, use the TBC talents tree and give the players talents points from level 1

Topic 3: New roles and faction balance
So i havnt played much of the new roles such as lock tank, rog tank or melee hunter BUT iv played alot of tank shaman and i like it. Not sure if we need or even want that much tanks and healers but since i havent played them i have nothing to say about it tho. However i really hope that in the next season horde can play pally and ally can play shaman, it just make things easier imo.

Topic 4: World PvP
I have mixed feeling about the World PvP events, the one in ashenvale was not even PvP and the one in STV was great but i still feel like it should been in a other zone. STV as a world pvp zone was perfect as it was and imagen if u had the old STV world pvp AND the bloodmoon event in some other zone, that whould been amazing. So im not sure if they should keep the events or try something new but lets say they wanna try something new and again lets say the levelcap is 25 here is what i whould do and why.
The magic of world pvp is that it feels random and impulsive (at least when its at its best). In phase 1 of SoD we hade the borring ashenvale BUT we had one more world PvP spot that was truly amazing, one of the best things in SoD imo. Stonetalon PvP, in stonetalon u had to farm some mechanical mobs to get some stuff i dont remember the name of right now to give to the goblin in ratchet so u could lock up him as a vendor to buy one of the runes. This PvP was truly the best and i think i want more things like that and less pushed pvp events. So one thing blizzard could try is to put in 20-25 daily quests in ashenvale, one could be ”kill x amount of enemy faction players” another could be a long as escort quest. This whould probebly solve 4 things 1: more fun world PvP 2: more end game content 3: a way for players to earn silver 4: this dailys could give xp in phase 2 so if players done all the quests for the start of leveling in phase 2.

Topic 5: End game content
Well most of my endgame content ideas are in the topics above. But i can say one thing for sure the phases are to damn long. So if they do SoD 2 i hope they make shorter phases and more max level content. For exermple in phase 1 i whould make it last for 4 weeks and let BFD have a 1day lockout. Now players might get upset, but let me ask you guys this. Most players do not wanna progress anymore, most players want a raid to be done in about 30-120 min. WHY do we have to wait 2-6 days before we can do the content again? It made sence back in the day when we had to use some of the weekly raid time to progress on the raid and whipe over and over again. But it dosent make sence anymore imo

Topic 6: BG PvP
First things first, i really hope RBG or Arena gets in to next season. Plus i just wanna give my thoughts on PvP gear. I actually miss resillience gear and the content it gives me to farm out a full pvp set.

Topic 7: Exploring
Well here is the fun part, the new stuff. Name the season ”Season of Exploring” and just start to add all this forgotten zones every ”classic+” person talked about since 2005. Add new quest hubs, dungeons and more. This whould make the hype explode in the same way as it did when SoD was announced

Imight have forgotten some stuff i want to see in the next season but i think this was everything.


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