Solo Dungeons Diablo Immortal

Blizz you have to let us do solo dungeons, or cross server or something.
The game is literally unplayable at night if you want to do dungeons.
Hell 2 requirement of 4 people is not reasonable at all, there are people that work night shifts, or simply like to stay up at night and sleep at day, players that are basically forced to wait 20-30 minutes between each run because there are no players to party with or simply not do dungeons at all.
There are quick fixes to this issue you might consider:

  • Remove the party requirement altogether
  • Change the limit from 4 player to 2 players (If you don’t want to remove it completely)
  • Enable some kind of cross server party system from dungeons in order to lower wait times

Please consider this change as it’s mad to wait 30 minutes between each dungeon run, only to find a group that only does 1 run, then back to waiting 30 minutes.

Thanks Blizz.


As it is, there are lower chances of a good drop solo and everyone knows this.
It should have a facility to choose solo.
Sometimes people are also in challenge or elder rifts, or doing bounties, or PvP etc etc …

So if someone wants to finish a dungeon and add to the level up, or try and get somethin in the early hours of the morning, they cannot. This is often because the population is much lower.

It makes sense to have a solo choice, even if it comes with a slight penalty.

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This needs to be bumbed and way more addressed it’s literally a huge huge issue esp for long time Diablo solo players the moment I found I couldn’t solo above normal mode I found it not worth playing and having to find your own groups is even worse of an idea at least if you force the players to group come up with a auto match system