(SOLVED)Is there any way how to contact particular Game Master?

I have an issue with my main account - my old phone was stolen and I can’t log in because this phone was tied with my authenticator and phone number. Thus I need to remove my mobile authenticator.

I was contacted by Game Master Tradhyiun via email and he/she requested additional proofs of the account ownership. However in order to do so I need to log into battlenet account on website which is impossible because I can’t login on website without mobile authenticator or SMS. Is it possible to contact Game Master Tradhyiun directly?

Issue ID: #87898766

It is not possible to speak to a specific game master. If you are unable to log into your account on the website, you can still create a ticket while logged out and include the necessary information. (There will be an option asking you to login with another option underneath to continue without logging in)