Some new player feedback. MW/warzone

Basically this game has been out for some time now and slowly but surely the new player experience always gets morphed from where the starting point is. Hence i will be posting this and hopefully it will be useful for the devs.

  1. The overall menus are a absolute nightmare to get through. I can imagine if you have been playing this game for some time it will feel natural, but for me as a new player it reminds me ALLOT of Chinese games that just have menus to have more menus.

No actual way of sorting them that makes sense. Like maybe packs with only weapon skins. Or packs with only operator skins. Some way to sort this would be nice for my sanity.

  1. Sun flare. OMG is this thing annoying. I havent seen a sun flare this intrusive since battlefield 3. Its not immersive its simple and plainly annoying. It takes away enjoyment of the game instead of adding to it.

  2. TTK. It is WAAAAAAY too fast. Basically if somebody finds you from behind you are a 100% screwed unless they are controlling the game with their tongue and feet instead of their hands. There is almost no way you can counterplay especially considering the inbuild hack controller players have.

  3. Not being able to stop crossplay on PC. This is very much a hindrance. If i get killed i want to know this person actually has the skill/aim to do it instead of some controller aim bot taking me down from half way across the map. Let us turn off crossplay sure in allot of cases PC players should have the advantage, but that still doesnt excuse the fact we cant turn it off. I saw a dude actually snapping to my position yesterday and at this point im not even sure if it was a cheater or a controller player.

  4. Quick buttons. I dont want to confirm if i want to get a teammate back. One button press should be enough. You dont always have the time to be standing around for a second or 2 at the shops. Let me use quick buttons or better even dont ask for a confirm at all.

  5. In that same trend this game pretty much ask you to confirm everything except when you are in a party and you press play again at the end of the match. Party leaders switch around because of DCs crashes etc etc etc.

It would be nice if it would give a message like “you are not the party leader are you sure you want to leave the party and join another match”? I mean its almost to the point where it asks for a confirmation if you really want to take a shit, but something actually useful apparently isnt logical to implement.

  1. Loudness of certain effects. Planes flying over pretty much make me tone deaf for a good 3 seconds, but footsteps are still quite AF. I cant put the volume higher out of fear of deafness just from the planes flying over.

  2. Big open spaces in the map. Overall its a pretty nice map, but some parts are just completely void of any kind of cover. Since about 80-90% of the players (if not a 100%) have long range weaponry equipped crossing these kind of places is pretty much insta death.

  3. Camping camping camping. COD has always had their fair share of campers in the community, but in general it evened out in map design. As there are many place void of any cover as said before this playstyle is all of a sudden very potent. If not the only way to play. More incentive/rewards for aggressive players would be a way to balance this out.

  4. Shotguns. Why are these even in the game ? Is it just to have some shit weapons laying about to start with or ? At this point many guns out preform the shotguns even at short range. A carabine will do the same job if not even better as it can still be lethal at longer ranges then the shotgun, but still be good enough to use at short range and keep up with them.

At this point i have completely giving up on them unless they are the first weapon i happen to find when dropping down.

There are more issues i see with the gamemode and general balance of the game, but i would say these are the most glaring issues you will have starting out as a new player. Now im not saying i am a 100% right about all of these as i probably havent played the game long enough. Still they add to the new players experience and personally i have experienced them as negative.

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