Something wrong with Magic Find?

Got 450 Mf, 90 % drop is just blue crap ???

This started 6 days ago.

It’s just pure rng at its finest

I also noticed this, when i used gemmed armor+helm at start i found good gear all the time, like TALARMOR and Windforce and TRANGARMORS X8. Now with full tal set and 350 mf with talset and on switch over 450 mf i rarely see any set items at all or unique drops. At start mobs throwed items after you, now they don’t. Like if im have good gear i found less and less. Or is this a thing on every d2 start, more at start then very rare after awhile?. Also noticed is i find more runes now, at start zero runes above Ko. Now i found 2xOHM, GUL, IST, MAL, PUL, LEM. Both OHM’s found on act3, mob and chest.