StarCraft II Hangs and will not start on Windows 11

I can’t get it to run!
IT takes a very long time to launch. then sits on 3 character loading Screen for about 20 mins.
Finally activates, login but sits hangs on “Authentication” screen forever!
New Windows 11PC, i9 cpu, ssd. Is it just to fast?
Any suggestions most welcome PLEASE?


I suggest you contact Blizzard Support with a ticket – you already posted on the SC II Technical Support forum on 21 May and on the Desktop App Technical Support forum on 22 May but you have not received a reply on either post.

You can start the process for a ticket here: .
(Note: this is a link to Blizzard Support in the US region, since you have a US region BattleTag and first posted on the US region forums).

Finally – this forum here is for technical support on Blizzard’s Classic Games — legacy games such as the old StarCraft: Broodwar… I suspect there aren’t too many SC II players here. There is a StarCraft II forum for the Europe region here:

Best of luck with this.