Storage space sillyness Diablo 3

I really hate the insane low amount on storage space in this game.
First of all you start with almost nothing but in my view that makes it even more a silly decision. Especially because you have no clue what is good or bad.
Nobody who starts a game wants to go to silly forums and silly sites like mxaroll or whatever they are useless especially because they do not talk normal language at all.
And actually are only for those who start to understand what all the short steno means
So do not tell me when you start a game you want to go read hundreds of pages to play a game … NOBODY wants that.
Sure if you finally start to understand how things work or not work you go to the next step and after a few months those sites start to make sense to you.
Well a little to be honest, because what they show what you should get is ABSOLUTE impossible, that i learned after playing this game.
For example you need good items with alot of critical powers but guess what they almost never appear at all. No matter how often you do those dungeons they simply almost never drop. You have to be insane lucky to get one at all with about 2 good things you need from the 5 stats you need to it to be a good item. Now thats not all you can change only one of these 5 stats. but guess what that is a even bigger pain in the behind because the fact that the so called needed materials called veiled crystals drop in such insane low numbers that you end up almost always loosing them all and not even getting most of the time the stats you want at all. Why because its so freaking low in numbers you get from the crunching the yellow items into that veiled crystals. If you think 20,000 is much your wrong it burns like hell. So my point is that the storage space has to be much higher especially because its silly low. Now the story that the server can not cope with more space is nonsense.
Unless they run this game on tiny silly cheap crap servers.