Support does not remove mobile auth

Hi, my account was hacked back in 2020 and i got it back to a spare email and then activated mobile auth last week wanted to play some hearth stone but cant find the email and contacted the support and get it to the new email but cant log in because of mobile auth and i dont have the phone that has auth on its broken cant gather any info from it and contacted support to remove auth but they keep sending me over and over and over no mater how much i fill it every time on same ticket i sent them my government id and some old emails regarding to that account on back in 2014

-Serial number on the back of a physical authenticator currently or previously attached to your account:
-Any physical game keys/codes attached to the account:​
-Invoice IDs from a purchase (these are found in the confirmation email sent after a store purchase):​
-Transaction ID from a purchase (found on your bank/financial statement, for PayPal, in your PayPal payment details):
-Previous emails associated with the account:​
-Previous BattleTags associated with the account:​
-Previous physical addresses associated with the account:​
-Previous phone numbers associated with the account:​
-The answer to the account’s secret question

World of Warcraft ​
-The creation date of any associated WoW accounts (approximate date in MM/YYYY format):​
-The oldest WoW character’s creation date (approximate date in MM/YYYY format):​
-For any character services on the account (i.e. character transfer/faction change/race change), list the characters’ previous faction/name/race:
Recent purchases made with gold on the account (provide the character’s name and realm as well):​​

Hearthstone ​
-Examples of recent cards or card backs earned/crafted:​
-Examples of recent packs opened (number of packs opened and from which expansion):
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