Support for 6 digit two factor authentication


My father has a big problem with two factor authentication. He knows his email address and his password, but when he tries to log in, the system send a 6 digit code with his email. There comes the problem. He cannot access that old email address, because his ISP stop the email service. Tried to contact the support, but after two web tickets he get this response:

For assistance with this particular issue, you will need to contact a Game Master on a Live Chat. Live Chat is currently available weekdays from 11:00 - 15:00 PST (subject to change without notice depending on availability). When Live Chat is available, you can open one on the page below.

The main problem is that Live chat is always says: “Unavailable”. We tried it in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Android browser but always get the same message.

How can we contact Blizzard?

Thank you for your help.

The times listed are for the USA Live Chat which is why the time zone provided is PST, if you’re from the EU then the opening hours would be Monday - Friday 13:00 - 16:00 GMT .

You could also submit a ticket for this issue to the Support Team via this link here.
If you submit a ticket then make sure to provide the current E-mail address the account uses as well as new E-mail address you wish to use for the account, this must be one which is NOT already attached to another account.

You should also provide the Secret Question Answer for his account, if you are unsure of that then provide Photo ID to prove account ownership, info on that here.

Thank you for your help. Thanks, I’ve already calculated the opening hours in my timezone, but the Live chat button is still disabled.

Thank you for the link. I used it, a Game Master responded to me, but I cannot reply to the Game Master, because the link I got is requires an active login, which I cannot have (this is our main problem). :frowning:

Click here to review your ticket and respond with the requested information.

For Authenticator’s it’s usually because we require Account verification which may require some form of ID.

You can send in a new ticket here, simply select the option for can’t log in and can’t access the email.

Thank you for your help!

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thanks for the awesome information.