Suspended for no reason at all

Has your account ever been suspended or banned for no reason at all. Well mine has. I got suspended for ABUSIVE LANGUAGE but I HAVE NOT SAID ANYTHING BAD OR MEAN IN A REALLY LONG TIME. So it does not make sense to me why I was suspended.

Does Blizzard even know what we are suspended for? People report people for thing like abusive language, hacking or throwing games, but does Blizzard ever read their chat logs or watch clips off them hacking or throwing games? In my experience, they do not. I have been really nice and saying things like “gl hf”, “gr” and I always try to stop fights in the nicest way possible. When someone calls me trash or something, I usually say something like “Understood, I’ll try to get better.” or tell them why I did good, but I never say anything mean back.

Blizzard I really like your game(Overwatch) and I really wish to start playing it again as soon as possible. So if you could please check my chat logs and consider unsuspending me , that would be great. Thank you a lot for your time. - Hyperdeath