Switch Crashes resulting in suspensions

Multiple switch users have reported game crashes that have ruined the experience because due to those crashes occurring mid-game, we’re getting 15 minute suspensions through not fault of our own. Today alone i’ve been suspended 4 times due to my game crashing mid-match, and its not fostering a good experience. This honestly needs to be looked at and fixed and possibly some compensation for switch players. Edit after latest crash: This latest crash has resulted in a 3:50 hour suspension. I am not impressed with this, Blizzard. This needs to be resolved ASAP. Edit after opening Overwatch today 02/15/2024: Another penalty is reduced XP. Edit after playing Overwatch today 02/16/2024: Crashed three times, no penalty yet, but not pleased at all Blizzard

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Welcome to the Legacy Games Tech Support forum for Europe.

Not sure if you’ve seen this so I’ll put a link to it:

This forum here is for technical support on Blizzard Legacy Games… old games such as Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Overwatch is not a legacy game.

You should be using the Overwatch forums.