Tarecgosa's Visage (LACK OF ANIMATIONS)

I’ve had the legendary staff (Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest) for a very long time, not only for it to be a collectable but also to fly around as a dragon, and use in RP and alike.
initially the visage you get from the staff were old without basic animations like talk/sit/lie. And after the targeting/head tracking from when you select players and NPCs, they weren’t added to the original visage either.

But now with the latest release with the standalone visage mount at the end of “Rhapsody in Blue”, there is still no talk/sit/lie animations and no head tracking, not to mention they had an HD model of Tarecgosa at the end of that quest but didn’t apply to the visage form you’ll get!

This bothers me a lot and a big missed opportunity from Blizz seeing as they had all resources to make it happen at the ready for it.

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Wrong forum !

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Thank you! Sorry about that!


No worries… just wanted to ensure that you are posting on the right forums.   :slight_smile:

I don’t know whether WoW related feedback posted here ever makes it to the WoW CM team… probably not !

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