Technical difficulty offline play

Dear reader,

Recently I wanted to play Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, however when I tried to start the game, I was redirected to the client and I am currently halted, forced to accept a new TOS as well as after which I have to play the game “online” via the client. This is posing a problem for my gaming experience as I’ve been enjoying the game for years in a mix of offline & online gameplay.

One of my issues is I’ve been playing wc3 on my laptop while on the go (in train and off-site location without a secure internet connection) just playing offline vs computer & doing some custom maps offline.

Now I currently can’t do that anymore. I currently can’t play a game I’ve personally been playing since 2004 in a way I’ve been doing for years. Which has been about 15-16 years for me personally.
I think it’s absurd to change a gaming experience, I’ve understood that the Warcraft Reforged community would be added to the Warcraft 3 community. Thus I expected the team to find a way to have a secured connection to the old system, to add them to the old client.

I did not expect the other way around, to actually remove and delete a game in its original format to have it connect, online, to a new system and as well remove functionalities and provide a broken, warped service.

I would like to know how I can play offline with my old Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne client, also I would like to know why an existing community of 15+ years wasn’t asked for their opinion regarding potentially fundamentally change their gaming experience.

The current Activision Blizzard Battle.Net client is required to connect to the internet, this fact prevents gamers from playing offline and having the same experience from a game they’ve been playing for 15+ years.

I have been thinking of a proper analogy to describe how strange this entire ordeal is but so far I have not found a proper analogy.

I, and I believe other fan’s as well, just want a rollback to the return of the old client, bring old Battle.Net back online.

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment to get this aspect of the discussion going!