Technical impossibility to report bots in raids and dungeons!

Right now there is a full 80s dk bots “raid” in Zul-Aman in Pyrewood Village WOTLK Classic.

The only option I get when I try to report them is “Inappropraite name”! Because I cannot click their nameplates, only their names in Who Channel. But their names are ok, it’s bot cheating that I want to report!

Too bad the game is being ruined and disgraced and honest players can do nothing about it.

P.S. I know it is not your business to fight bots, but the fact that you refuse at least to pass this info to those who do it, speaks for itself.

Wrong forum – this is not the WotLK forums.

This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Classic Games — legacy games such as Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Diablo II (2000).

World of Warcraft (all versions) has its own set of forums here:

There are many categories to chose from… select the one that seems the most appropriate one to you.

Perhaps you can post in the WoW Customer Support forum; it is an Information Desk where you can get help navigating the Support system, explanations of policies, help with services, etc. They might be able to provide advice/information on how to go about reporting bots in raids / dungeons.

Good luck in your games !