The problem with OW2

The problem with OW2 is that it’s just no fun anymore. OW1 was funn all the way till the end. Now it’s just horrible, just stressful, upsetting, no fun, just painful and depressing. Why do you do this type of game? I know it’s much more challenging now and only those with true skill can survive in this and have fun, but for everyone else, it’s just miserable, painful, and only makes it an unenjoyable expereince all together. Overwatch 1 was made for everyone, and OW2 is made for only true gamers that better than the avarage player. It’s a too high ceiling for people in this game. It’s too hard compared to OW1 that could be hard or easy. This is just hard, hard and hard. This is the modern world, people seem to like extremely hard and miserable games like Apex legends, so I understand why you wanted to make OW2 similar. But it is just not fun anymore. Therefore I’ve quit and all my friends. We don’t want to ruin our lives, that’s why we don’t play it anymore. OW1 enriched our lives, but OW2 ruined our lives. That’s not how games are supposed to be made. Games should be fun. That’s the whole premise of a game.

I think Milanis reaction “OW2 is too hard, thus no fun, thus I quit playing” is a bit extreme. However, something about how playing OW2 made him feel miserable does also resonate with me.

For me OW2 feels like it was made to please the DPS players. One tank means fewer obstacles and a dramatic damage increase helps them pop-off the backline in a heartbeat. Thus, DPS played like on crack and everyone else had a hard time when OW2 started. I’m veteran tank and support player (>900 game hours) and season 1 of OW2 also made my game experience horrible. It seems season 2 was balanced a bit better, but I still feel like OW2 is only half the fun of OW1.
Now, general whining won’t help the devs to improve anything. So in case they actually read these posts, let me give one example, how gameplay suffered:

There is nearly no cummunication in the game.

OW is a team based shooter. Thus a fundamental part of playing it effectively is talking to your teammates, devising a plan and reacting to shout-outs of e.g. enemy flankers or lonesome supports. However, nowadays I find myself alone with 1 or 2 teammates in voice chat and only every 10th game someone will actually respond. Whether this is due to a language barrier of many non-english-speaking players or due to the fact that many other players are already too frustrated and tilted to give a damn about anything some random players says, I don’t know. I do know though, that I realy miss the group finding system, that actually helped finding like-minded players that wanted to play together and talk in a language of their choice. The new highlighting features to mark enemy spottings are a good addition to the game but can hardly compensate for the total laack of communication I experienced since the change to OW2.
I know that it is still possible to make groups out of your friends list, but I hardly ever find friends that stay with OW longer that 2 months, so my friendlist is usually full of player-skeletons.

I’m not at the point where I would completely give up on playing OW, but most of the time I still need to do something to lift my spirits after another grinding, frustrating OW session that started with the idea: “Hey, OW was always so much fun. Let’s play some!”
I just hope, the game can be relaxing and fun again.