There was a problem log in code 34203

keep getin this shit D2696C94-0D63-48A4-B8E8-27BAB67B6929, im in D4 and at customize class u log me out … and there was a problem log in code 34203 … u “…” up again, sad boys, anyway ur graphiks looks like POE or worst … look at Lost Ark or GW2 (they oldest then ur D4 but still awsome looks) still think u can do better … or ?

At least you got in i got the code tried to get back in and its now a 75 minute queue WTF!!!

You can follow developments in the official Diablo IV forums here:

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lol :)))) i pay 100 e to play a … ing game not to folow forums discussionssssssss !!!

I play the closed Beta. I buy the Digital Deluxe and the play button is don’t work. Queue? Oh…whats this? To start neither allows it although I see the instruction that some waiting list exists. Again a good start.:slight_smile:

yeah same here, how to do refund?

Hit Continue to start the process…

I don’t know how this works with all the cross-game rewards…

You may also find this of interest:


We’ll typically refund any pre-purchased game or product prior to its release, provided you haven't played the game or expansion for more than two hours via pre-purchase > early access.

Some exceptions may apply in cases where the pre-purchase includes in-game benefits that can be claimed for other products. If you’ve already claimed or used those added benefits, the purchase would become non-refundable.