There was an error (code 316719)

Was playing when I lost connection. Now all I get is error code 316719 when I try to start game with my character

And if you leave, you have 80+ minutes waiting time in line.

Got kicked out of single player game at lvl 5, this error persisted when trying to play or make a new character. After exiting game with Alt+F4 I have to queue again. :neutral_face:

Edit: Got back in the game and had multiple copies of a new character created from when I had tried to start a new game with them.

I really thought Blizzard was going to be more prepared for this. I understand is not the official launch but surely they would know how eager were Diablo players to try this out. Clearly they could have invested more in the infrastructure to support the game as well as better research in terms of how many users expected to login. I think this clearly shows they dont care as much for the community and focus more on profits.
Very disappointed.