This game cannot be played yet

I don’t know but, I installed Black Ops: Cold War today. Game said I can’t open it, yet my friend can… Any solutions for this?

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me too have this problem from 15/10

i don t understand at all…i mean,it let me install the game but is not purchased!! what type of shit is this!?? in the beggining i tought that is 15 to 18 10 2020 free week-end! this is the reason i install it,and i was a little happy because i can give it a try in order to know if i buy it or not!
but it say that is not playable yet! updates it give me,i make it all of them,but “PLAY” is unclickable!!

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yeah, i’m having the same problem. at first, i thought changing regions would work but it didn’t. desperate in playing cold war lmao.

same here, anyone know any fixes ? My friend said cold war is good but i’d rather try it myself before buying it

I have the same problem where the Play button is unavailable and when I bring mouse over Play button, it says “This game cannot be played yet”. Does it mean that beta for PC starts today, on 17th, but at certain hour? Or is it just some bug that is unfixable? Because I bought MW and was able to download BO: CW beta to play it on PC during 17th to 19th and now I’m not sure is it because reasons above or I need to buy CW too to play beta.

I have the same problem, if someone fix it pls notice it to me.

For this problem as long as you have access to the Beta through the account you simply should need to perform a Password Reset.

If this doesn’t work then you will need to reach out to Customer Support and they can try to help with the issue.