Tracking files and thier abuse / hassasment

Scorecardresearch-com and adnxs-com tracking files cause games to be cheated / hacked / bug / hassrasment. As well as some others that don’t seem to be used now.

What ever they are meant to collect they’re being mighty abused. It is time blizzard sped up the process of shoring up “security”.

The bug in D4 is infuriating too. So annoying i’m having to post it here as they’re still being put in and causing losses etc. If its a blizz, allowed file/files, they need to sort out whats happening most likely applicable to a lot of titles. Also, sorry for the extra work load this might cause blizzard/microsoft who ever owns you know.

I would also see looking into the amnesty that came on cheating accounts back way back whenas to if they have gone back to old ways, It was something that should of been done about 3-4 years after it was done, to check on them.

Please move to an appropriate Forum please, if this is not the right one. Its quite an important complaint/issue.

Even though issues in the EU tense at the moment to say the least slightly


This forum is for feedback on the Battle.Net Launcher… on its ease of use for example or desirable new features.

The Diablo 4 Team won’t see your comment here… you need to post it where they are expecting you to post it, ie the Diablo 4 forums.

If you would like to report exploits and/or hacks and can’t do that with the in-game options, you can send an e-mail to the Team that handles these type of issues:

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