Transfer aborted: instance not found - after 9.1

I am having an issue since July 8th, thursday morning. my characters cannot go into the game. the load screen freezes. and if i manage to get in, my chars cannot use portals and hs, as when the load screen shows up, no progress happens on the bar and im returned to where i was with a msg saying ‘transfer aborted: instance not found’. im not sure whats causing this, but i saw someone in sw having the same problem as well, with the same surrounding circumstance. i used my alt to do some korthia rounds before reset, and after reset i used the same alt to do more korthia rounds and progress the campaign and got my SL flying, and then next day when i wanted to use portals with my main, i couldnt, with a msg saying ‘transfer aborted: instance not found’ same with hearthstone use. it would go into load screen, not load at all, and then return me to portal or whereever i was. i either cant get into the game with my chars or i can and they wont go past any portal. new chars dont go into the game either. i havent been able to make any progress these past few days, and am losing my game time. please help me!