Tried to subscribe WoW , but only billed for 1.20 dollar and still starter

So I recently tried to subscribe for 1 month for the first time but when I look at my bank account I only see a on-hold 1.20 USD bill. Not only that but I can’t see that even in my blizzard account transaction history. I read in a discussion that this is called a vertification fee and after a few days 1 dollar is refunded and I’m able to buy the game then I am not sure. What should I do?

Don’t worry :slight_smile: Your bank will “un-reserve” this security holding in their normal processing time.

If your purchase was rejected, you don’t know why, and you’d like to try again please add your payment method here : using a different internet browser, and typing the details rather than using an auto-filler.

You might want to consider using another payment method available to you, and also using this option, which is a one-off purchase of game time, as opposed to an automatic recurring subscription

I will try the other options then, thank you for the reply