Turkish players only want one thing

Please make local currency for battlenet for Turkish players, 1 month game time price is equivalent to Xbox Gamepass, Netflix, Prime video and Spotify membership. We don’t want it free, we just want an purchasable price. Don’t tell us about injustice blizz. You’re already doing it for many countries.

Don’t ignore this issue anymore, we are not enemy, we just love this game and want to play it.

Please blizz, hear us!


#hearusblizzard i wrote these so many times… but they really dont care…

Agreed. The prices are very high for us. We want to play WoW with reasonable prices. Please don’t ignore our request Blizzard.


Each expansion (60 packs + 2 legendary) was 249 Turkish Lira, but now you changed new expansion price to 500 Turkish Lira, i can’t pay this and i want to continue play hearthstone, please help me about prices. I don’t want to leave this game.