Ukrainian localization and server for Ukrainians

Dear Blizzard!
I’ve been looking for a lot of information but all I’ve found is no feedback from you, so again I’m not hoping for an answer… and it’s really sad because we love you and respect the game that’s been in our hearts for so many years, and you ignore us.
We have a simple request to make a Ukrainian localization of the game, or at least a separate server for Ukrainians.
Currently, thousands of players suffer abuse and hate while playing on Russian servers, because they do not know English at a high level, and the Russian language was imposed on us, and unfortunately we all understand it, so you want to better understand what you are playing. Thousands of players basically play on European servers only because there is no Ukrainian localization and most of the content simply passes by because of the language.


Heya Blizz, can you please please do some localisation for ukrainian language.?Our country and people will be really happy and glad to see that coming.


okay whats going on here?


Yeah, that would be very nice. I understand that it is a big chunk of work - to translate that much of text, but we have enthusiasts, such as creators of ClassicUA add-on, or other people, who can make it with your help.
In either case, we all very grateful to you for adding UAH as a currency in BattleNet. Maybe, for a second step, it would be symbolically - to add ukrainian language in BattleNet launcher.
Thank you :slight_smile:


I fully support the author.
at least just make a Ukrainian server.


It seems like a dead idea.
Unfortunately, the localization of the game is tightly tied to the region.
But we don’t have so big community to inhabit just one separate server and investment for it is too great but minimal sense.
WoW don’t have national localization for some another big European nations like Polish, Romanian or Netherlands.
If it is created it will be a small dead server for a few thousand at most. Very few people will want to change Tarren Mill, Gordunny, for example, for it.

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It’s a great idea to have Ukrainian localization.

We have community that spread over the different servers - it’s true. But it’s not the reason to not even try to have text localization, at least. We have specialists who can do it.
Voice localization - yes, it’s much more difficult process and cost much more. But anyway we should show Blizzard that this idea worth the cost.


But we have German localisation. It isn`t wide-spread language as Portuguese or Spanish, but it exists in Wow.


It’s a great idea! Please Blizzard do it!!


Blizzard stand with Ukraine! Make a Ukrainian server !!! SLAVA UKRAINE


Just ban the game in russia


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Балбес, это зачем тут постить?


Sure give every country their own servers. These people… You are free to choose between the EU and Russian servers.
You dont want to play on russian server? Go to any other. You know there are alot of countries that have people that dont speak any of the supported languages. You want the whole game translated for them too?
Or is just another demand of the special ukranians? Not that you get special treatment everywhere already. Suck it up. You are not more special than the polish, the scandinavians, the greek, the serbs, the croations, the baltics, the italians, the hungarians, the turkish and so on. you get the point.


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Hey guys if you can add a Ukrainian at least to your store? It would be quite nice, you already implemented our currency - huge thanks to you for that. Would you be able also to add a our language to store? Thank you in advance!

Well at least it would be cool to have some signs that we are NOT russians, like a flag or smt like that near the nickname, since most of the time when others see the nickname - they simply call you a russian, even though I would consider it as an insult due to current situation. :dizzy_face:

You need an external support to be what you are? Im half polish, half russian myself. So what? Blizzard must protect me from people who accuses me for being russian (quite a common thing these days) or from people who dont like me for being polish? Really, guys, just be what you are. Its not a grave insult if someone is unable to recognize your ancestry.

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dont waste your time…those are so called “patriots” who thinks they are elfs…or somthing like that.

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I think this is a good idea!