Ukrainian localization

Hello, Blizzard!

My name is Andrii, I’m from Ukraine. The population of my Homeland is over 43 million people, nearly 37 millions of them are Ukrainian (near 5 millions live in other countries).

Video Game industry is very popular in Ukraine. Different generations of people from teens to grown adults love playing games. But there is something else we love more - playing games in our native language. Unfairly, we don’t have such a privilege.

This topic is extremely important for us now as we have to fight for our borders, for our language, for our culture, for our freedom.

I ask you to hear us, I ask you to do fair things. I ask you to use a translation of your games in Ukrainian language.

We understand that it’s not easy and it cannot be done quickly. We are ready to work for it step by step. And the first step is a translation of the app.

Please see my translation of the app attached below, which can be already used.

Ukrainian people love Blizzard for your games, but if the dream of Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone in Ukrainian becomes a reality, you could feel our double respect and we would be very grateful.

P.S. If I missed anything in my translation – please inform me, I’ll correct it.

same topic from me on us forums(unfortunately without answer)

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А ниче что половина нашей страны говорят на русском?)

Emmm, no, it’s not a problem. If you want to play in russian language - this is your choice, but I want to play in ukrainian and this is my choice.

Just like Balkan people want to play with their own language but they don’t get translation. The population of the whole is 47M+. Less likely to happen