Unable to connect to Multiplayer

For a brief moment I could… then it disconnected me from Blizzard Services …
Now after reinstalling fresh Diablo I bought for 9.99 Euro I try to run a game but after initial logo (or if its skipped by pressing ESC ) it kills the game and send me back to Desktop.
I have managed to fix it … but … when I press Multiplayer, letters are on wierd background and overwriting eachother… (like 3 letters in spot of 2).
Now most wierd thing:
game is 1.09 but when connecting to Multiplayer it says there is newer version and tries to download it, then kills game and pop up window apears saying “This Program is used to upgrade through Battle Net and does not need to be run”

Help me please or give me refund! It does NOT WORK


Take a look at this topic on the US forums and see if the info provided helps.

You should also post in that forum if you have comments.

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Just makeing my charc acitve sry.