Unable to create character, name is not valid or contains profanity

This is insane, not able to create a character for online gaming, offline works fine

The error I’m receiving is “The name is not valid or contains profanity, please try again”

Been trying with generator as well but the same error occurs

Seriously what is this?
I’m on a ps5


This forum is for Blizzard Classic Games, such as the old Diablo 2 and LoD.

If your issue is with D2R, you should be using the D2R Console Bug Report forum…
I had a quick look over that forum, and there is a topic here:

and another similar one on D2R Tech Support forum here:

Assuming you’re writing about D2R, you may also want to keep an eye on the D2R Console Technical Support forum… as far as I can tell, yesterday’s update messed things up quite a bit… the latest news is that Blizzard is investigating.

Good luck with this.