Unable to launch any blizzard game

i am unable to launch any of my games

i have already done the basics, driver and windows updates.

deleted and reinstalled battle net and all games.

Anti-virus software has reportedly been blocking Battle.net and some games from working properly. By turning off virus software, like Malwarebytes and others, you might regain access.

hi thanks for the reply

i have checked this and its not the case, the games have also been launching fine until the battle.net update

i’ve also had the same issue for the past 4 days. bought black ops 4, and as soon as it finished downloading, the client is telling me i cant log in to battle.net. apparently they wont give me a refund for the game either but haven’t told me why, only pointing me to the refund policy about 14 days for the purchase and the 2 hour limit, of which i meet since i cant get on the damn game to get any play time in the first place, and i only bought it 4 days ago.

tried every troubleshooting method on the page, every youtube tutorial related to the issue and nothing.

If you bought the game from the Blizzard Shop, I would try getting a refund from:
(click the “Continue” button to start the process)

That’s an automated system… and, if you are eligible, it’s normally pretty quick in refunding the purchase.

If you didn’t buy the game from the Blizzard Shop… you will need to contact the merchant from whom you bought the game… and see what they are willing to do.

Finally, if you wish to keep the game and wish to try to get it running… you will need to contact Activision Support. The only support offered by Blizzard for an Activision game is for the actual purchasing, issues with your Battle.Net account, and installation of the game. All other issues need to be referred to Activision Support.