Unfair account ban for 7 days

I got an account ban for one obscene word in the chat, which did not offend anyone in any way. It usually happens when something bad happens and you just ##?* and mind your own business. I would understand if they gave a chat ban for 7 days, and not the entire account. I don’t think this is entirely fair. While there are insulting nicknames for characters, belittling sexual minorities and races, etc. But Blizzard does not react to this in any way. I personally filed several complaints against these players, and they continue to go unpunished. But one obscene word - a ban for 7 days. You offended someone, well done. If you speak badly in the chat, you will get a ban. The tolerance of the company is on top.

Yes, I know that I need to appeal these issues. I filed an appeal and have been waiting for several days. And I don’t think they will answer me. And they will reconsider this issue. I just want to know other people’s opinions on this.