Update to WoW and BC Classic every time I log in to Battle.net

In the last week or so (noticed it since WOW 9.1.5) i seem to get a game update and cannot play WoW or BC Classic without it needing some small update. The version number of game never changes in both instances but it is just getting a little annoying everytime i login, i have to wait 20-30 seconds for these games to “update” but i am not sure anything is actually happening.

Any help or ideas? Is it just me or others having this too?


I have the same problem.
Will this be fixed soon?

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Hab dasselbe Problem!

i wish it was only every time i log in, but for a few days now i get the update-notifications for all wow versions every hour or so…so now i just disabled automatic updates


There are currently issues with WoW updates; Blizzard have posted here:

The issue is being investigated… no ETA for a fix provided.

Cheers !

Ah well at least they are looking at it. I have had my Battle.net open all morning but with no games running and it just randomly starts an “update” but no version change just this loop they refer to.

Glad its not just me :slight_smile:

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