Velizy VilacoFR

I decided to come back to WoW after 6 months and buy 30 days of game time. When i bought it it cost 12.99E + 1.00E which is not problem. I got my game time but payment got to Blizzard Entertainment Velizy VilacoFR. This name sound really strange. Does someone had the same strange activity? Should I be worried about my credit card or its normal?

Thanks guys in advance!

This seems legitimate Mixy98 - and the 1 euro charge is also automatically cancelled and should appear as “available” funds on your account shortly on their own :slight_smile:

Today I bought the game, MW.-2019 for the first time from Bllizard. Stupid question :slight_smile:
What is the payment for 1.00 euros. According to the above, it should be released and released back. I Thank. Edward. Czech Republic

That is correct, it’s a verification charge only, and we never withdraw it. Banks can take several days depending on their systems with these kinds of reservations, but should the money not return to you please contact the bank as they may need to investigate further.

Super, very thanks for answering my question.

Hey Blizz, i have the same problem here. Person named Velizy Vilaco withdraw 12,99 EURO from my Bank ACC and nothing comes back. Location - BLIZZARD EU 106499338. I will write a private ticket. Thanks for answering. :slight_smile:


The address of Blizzard Entertainment Europe is:

Blizzard Entertainment Europe
32 av Europe , 78140 VÉLIZY VILLACOUBLAY
in France (near Paris).

Vilaco would be the short form of Villacoublay

That is the best thing to do !!