W3 Reforged - My solution for no install/no license registration after purchase

I have found a solution for those like me who bought Warcraft 3: Reforged.
So I have bought the game yesterday, and like a lot of us, I experienced that after purchase, I still see a “Buy Now” button and not the install. Plus if I head to “My Games” section, that game isn’t there. So I waited a day…nothing happened. I saw that Starcraft 2 has a deal too, so I bought it…and after that immediatly, not just Starcraft 2, but W3R appeared in “My Games” section and the install button is available. SO I think a new purchase (maybe any purchase, dlc, mxt etc…) update the account license and trigger W3 too.
I know it is a payed “method”, but wanted to share this.

Hey there,

This forum is for community based troubleshooting of technical issues affecting our legacy titles such as Diablo II: 2000 or titles in the Blizzard Arcade. For issues involving Warcraft III: Reforged it is best to post in that dedicated forum. In this case there does appear to be a few reports of what you are experiencing in this post.