Warcraft 3 TFT,Warcraft 3 ROC,Diablo 2 older install links gone,wiped off by blizz

Hello I was trying to install some older games but it looks like BLizzard decided to wipe off the install links,so basicaly my bought games are gone ,this is ridiculous that they can do that are they forcing me to buy the new diablo and warcraft reforge version? this is theft with extra steps


For Diablo II Classic, the links in this Support article appears to work :

There’s also this post by Blizzard (especially useful if you would like to install the game in a language other than the default provided in the Support article:

I’m not familiar with how Warcraft 3 is setup but I found the following in the Warcraft 3 Reforged forums:

I hope this helps !

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