Warcraft II Reforged: Don't buy it?

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share my opinion on this topic. I am concerned with false expectations, crying babies and senior people telling me what to like and what not to like. IMHO Wc3-r.exe is awesome game (for me). And it makes me sad that someone will read reviews and not try it…

Long story short, it’s a game, game is art, art is subjective… nofbody can tell you to like or not to like it. Don’t listen to someone who spends monthly “price of WC3r” on GEMS in some rigged unbalanced game. I respect your opinion “30$ is too much for a 2020 HW comparable version of WC3” but may i disagree with it please? Do you understand that without these people creating day in day out, you would not have career at all? If you told someone 20 years ago, i am reviewing games or pro gamer… they would call the ambulance.
And yes, like all Blizzard games you can buy it and refund it if needed. Why to start mass hysteria about such a simple topic? Do you think you are helping WC franchise with this? Have you never seen bad Total War or Warhammer game? Just be happy you are not downloading it from Origin client :sweat_smile:.

And of course some mixed feelings : thank you and :point_right: :ok_hand: Activation

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